• MIJR: Multidisciplinary International Journal of Research

    Journal title Multidisciplinary International Journal of Research
    Initials MIJR
    Abbreviation -
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    Print ISSN -
    Online ISSN 2985-9999
    Editor-in-chief Matthew Miller
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    The journal promotes original academic research on: a) Social Science - Humanities, Sociology, Education, Political Science, Law, Policy, Social Review, Arts, History, Philosophy, English; b) Management - Commerce, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Corporate Governance, Human Resources Management, Marketing Management, Quality Management Training and Development; c) Engineering - Information Technology, Computer Application, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics; d) Medical Science - Medicine, Health, Nursing, Clinical Research, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Phytochemistry; e) Biology - Botany, Bioscience, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Clinical Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Agriculture, Chemistry, Environment and Ecology, Food Science, Nutrition, Plant Science, Entomology, Zoology, Fisheries; f) Physical Education - Sports, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Physiology, Exercise, Health.

  • International Science and Engineering Research (ISE Journal)

    Journal title International Science and Engineering Research (ISE Journal)
    Initials ISE Journal
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    International Science and Engineering Research (ISE Journal)  is a scientific journal published by Impola Toba LENDT, It has been published since 2024 with, e-ISSN: XXXX-XXXX. ISE Journal is regularly published three in a year in April, August and December. The aim of this journal is to publish high-quality articles related to the present development of  Science and Engineering Research. Each article will be reviewed (double-blind) by experts before accepted for publication. ISE Journal Focused on the  results in the Science and Engineering Research. The topics of the original research articles in this journal include:
    Physichal, Mathematics, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering. 


  • Multidisciplinary National Proceeding

    Multidisciplinary National Proceeding merupakan wadah publikasi ilmiah  hasil-hasil  penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat yang telah dipresentasikan pada Seminar Nasional  yang diselenggarakan  oleh Lembaga pendidikan maupun yang sejenisnya

  • Servitii Communitatis International Journal

    Servitii Communitatis International Journal (SCIJ) aims to provide a community service medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of community service results that support high-level community service. Original theoretical work and application-based studies, which contributes to a better understanding all fields Community Service and Social. The journal covers all areas of scientific and applied studies that benefit local, regional, national, and international communities. These topics include marketing for SMEs, public health, social marketing, art, language education, environmental education, engineering, information technology, general science, and others. IJCSE is published four times a year (February, May, August, and November).

  • Jurnal Pendidikan Impola

    Journal title Jurnal Pendidikan Impola
    Initials JPI
    Abbreviation j.pendidik.impola
    Frequency 3 issues per year (March, July, and November)
    DOI 10.70047
    Online ISSN 3048-3077
    Editor-in-chief Astuti Samosir, M.Pd.
    Publisher PT. Impola Toba LENDT
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    Jurnal Pendidikan Impola is a high-quality open-access peer-reviewed research journal that is published by PT. Impola Toba Lendt. Jurnal Pendidikan Impola is providing a platform that welcomes and acknowledges high quality empirical original research papers about education written by researchers, academicians, professionals, and practitioners from all over the world.